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Elegance in Empowerment: The Best Blooms for Celebrating Women’s Achievements

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th! While it’s our time to rally around the achievements and challenges of women globally, it’s also a time to honor the women who’ve been our guiding stars — paving the way for us to chase our own dreams. From your favorite women to your biggest allies, the communities you have surrounded yourself with have most likely shaped you, motivated you, and inspired you to be your best self, even during the tough days. IWD is painted in symbolic hues like rich purple for justice and commitment, vibrant green for hope, and white for purity. They’re simply the perfect colors for creating a soft springtime floral bouquet that expresses gratitude and hope for the future. The experts at Eastern Floral, the top florist in Grand Rapids, are here to help you celebrate extraordinary women, allies, and, of course, yourself with blooms that bond us in sisterhood.


Roses seamlessly fit the mold for IWD, representing the countless ways we can speak and spread love. A bouquet mixed with thoughtful purples, lively greens, and classic whites is an obvious choice for the occasion, but don’t sleep on sweet pinks, exciting oranges, and cheery yellows. These beautiful roses symbolize grace and gratitude while radiating the joys of friendship. The natural beauty of these roses is the universal way to convey so much love and admiration without saying any words at all.


IWD is celebrated as winter comes to a close and spring energy enters the chat. It’s the time of year when tulips (synonymous with new beginnings, renewal, and hope) begin blossoming in gardens all over town. Sending a bouquet of colorful tulips is such a special way to celebrate the feats of family, friends, and mentors while looking forward to what the future holds. The best part? With endless varieties and hues, you can customize a bouquet to reflect the uniqueness and individuality of the women and allies who stand with you every day.

Gerbera Daisies

IWD is a time to fill the air with positivity and shine a light on the remarkable contributions of women and allies. Enter gerbera daisies — the undeniable icons of pure joy, positivity, and happiness! With petals that pop in bold and bright colors, these flowers are a burst of optimism that simultaneously embody purity, reflecting the heartfelt intentions that IWD stands for.


Celebrate IWD with the lush and enduring beauty of peonies. These blooms exude an aura of strength and positivity, emulating the resilient women who have led by example and continue to advocate for progress. With their impressive vase-life, peonies symbolize the enduring resilience that drives progress in addition to luck, success, and happiness.


What makes orchids so incredible is their ability to bloom in so many shapes and colors, giving us a range of symbolism to resonate with our specific IWD message. Not to mention, they exude pure elegance and luxury! While they carry that modern tropical charm, orchids have a unique vibe that speaks to a broad audience — not limited to the exceptional women and proud allies celebrated on IWD. So, whether you’re going for a contemporary design or a graceful gesture of gratitude, orchids stand out as perfect flowers.

Mimosa Flower

Since Italian feminists selected mimosa flowers as the official bloom for IWD in 1946, they have gone hand-in-hand with the day’s celebration. Exemplifying strength, sensibility, and sensitivity, mimosa flowers radiate a subtle elegance that aligns perfectly with the day’s ethos. Their warmth is also mirrored in blooms like the classic daisies and favorite accent stems like wax flowers, goldenrod, alstroemeria, and gold aster. Each one enhances a bouquet’s aesthetic while subtly infusing it with themes of joy, trust, powerful friendships, and sisterhood.

Celebrate IWD with Eastern Floral and make a beautiful statement with fresh flowers to celebrate and honor women, allies, and yourself!

Flowers to Honor International Women's Day