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The Colors of Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are the central focus of many fall floral displays. Understanding the different colors of this popular cut flower will help you make sound choices about the arrangements you will be ordering. Here are some common colors of this popular flower.


If you want a deep, red color, choose an arrangement with the Gypsy Wine variety. These fragrant double blooms look great in cut arrangements. A taller red daisy-like flower with double blooms is the Maroon Pride. Monarch Court jesters is a popular fall variety with its yellow centers and red petals.

Yellow and White

Chrysanthemums also come in yellow and white varieties. Sunny Morning has small, three-inch yellow blooms, with Target offering two-tone yellow blooms. For a unique look, consider an arrangement with Dolleitte, a chrysanthemum with yellow petals that boast red tips. Some of the yellow and white varieties are tinged with green, to add some green to your fall bouquets.

Pinks and Purples

Pinks and purples can be mixed in with fall floral displays for some lovely color contrasts. Consider the beautiful Debonair chrysanthemum variety with its dark lavender blooms to work alongside oranges and yellows beautifully. The reddish-purple center of the purple Grandchild variety is another popular choice.


Arrangements with Chrysanthemums

If you want to display chrysanthemums in your home this season, you will find a variety of arrangements that capitalize on the color variety of this flower. This Double Fall Mum is a beautiful fall display that will be an asset to your home or an exceptional hostess gift. Ravishing Rhapsody pairs beautiful, fragrant roses with lilies and spider mums for a display that works for summer and fall. The unique look of Fuji mums combined with green roses and gerbera daisies make Rendezvous an arrangement that will turn heads.

The mum is the quintessential fall flower. As you are shopping for fall flower arrangements, consider one with mums from Eastern Floral to make your display shine with radiant fall beauty.