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What Flowers to Give on Easter

Flowers are a symbol of spring and traditionally used at Easter as gifts, centerpieces and religious decorations. There is a large variety of flowers that have special significance in Easter celebrations. Get to know some of the popular types, and their common meanings, to help decide what flowers to give for Easter.

The Lily

A white lily is considered a very traditional Easter flower, and they are extremely popular. The lily represents hope and love. In religious groups, it signifies divinity and purity. Giving a white lily indicates that you are glad to know the recipient. Yellow lilies are a suggestion for living in the present.


The daffodil is one of the first signs of spring. Daffodils can have a romantic connotation or simply show that you have a great deal of respect for the recipient. The larger the grouping of daffodils you give, the higher your regard for the recipient. In Germany, daffodils are known as Easter bells.


Tulips are another early sign of spring and the rebirth of the season after winter. They are often given to indicate feeling of love. However, a group of tulips can also indicate that the recipient is just special to the gifter.

The Daisy

Daisies, like daffodils, are considered cheerful and are a favorite at Easter. The white daisy symbolizes a calm and serene nature and purity. Daisies are also fragrant, adding a nice touch to centerpieces and decorations. While white would be the first choice for Easter, daisies are available in yellow, pinks, reds, purples, brown and more colors.


This is a popular choice for the incredible fragrance and delicate blossoms. The colors of hyacinths have different meanings. White can mean that the recipient is beautiful or that someone is praying for them. Purple can be considered an apology. Pink is an indication of playfulness. While not everyone knows the meanings of flower colors, yellow hyacinths should be avoided as they are considered to indicate jealousy.

Other Choices

The azalea is known for vivid color and elegant appearance. Symbolically, giving azaleas at Easter indicates a desire for the recipient to take good care of themselves. The narcissus is a favorite in Europe as a symbol of Easter and spring. Pussy Willow is sometimes substituted for palm fronds in areas where the fronds are not readily available.

You can select individual flowers, potted flowers or complete floral designs with the variety of your choice. Whether you choose a gift with a religious meaning or simply a celebration of spring, Eastern Floral is ready to help you select the perfect Easter flower gift.