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The Many Colors of Tulips and Their Meanings

Flowers let you say a lot without every speaking a word. The language of flowers was, in Victorian times, was intricate, with every bloom expressing a different meaning. Now, we can still use the colors of flowers to say what we mean. Tulips are a great spring choice. Learn how to pick the color for your message below:

Red tulips are the hue of choice to express that you are deeply in love. The color red evokes passion and romance. Tulips are the flower associated with the 11th wedding anniversary, as well. If you have a decade plus one year together, or if you just want to let her know you want to be with her that long and more, red tulips are a great choice.


Dancing Tulips

Yellow flowers were once associated with jealousy and hopeless love. But, modern interpretations have gotten a lot sunnier. Yellow tulips now stand for hope and cheerful thoughts. Give a yellow tulip bouquet to a good friend as a caring get-well gift. Yellow is also the color of friendship, which makes it great for a just-because floral gift.


A Walk in the Clouds

White tulips are the flowers to pick for an apology bouquet. If you need to say you are sorry, white flowers and maybe a gift of chocolate are a worthwhile gesture.


Spring Forward

Pink flowers express happiness and confidence. This makes them a very good choice when congratulating a friend on a new job or promotion. Have them sent to her office as a warm first-day-on-the-job surprise.


Treasure Me Tulips

If you want to let her know that she is your queen, choose an arrangement of purple tulips. Purple has long been the color of royalty. Purple can also be used to express admiration for a loved one’s accomplishments.

Multi-hued tulips can also be used to express a message to someone special. Striped tulips are said to symbolize a lover’s beautiful eyes, as are tulips with blotched, multicolored petals. The dark base inside the flower is said to symbolize passion.

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