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Why Finding Hygge in Seasonal Flowers Is Simple

While the snow falls and coats the ground, the glow of the fireplace warms our home, and the twinkle of Christmas lights on the tree illuminates our favorite holiday decor, we embrace the cozy, comfy, and ease of stress. This feeling can be described as “hygge,” or the Danish tradition of observing, being present, connecting with loved ones, showing gratitude for life’s simplicities, and experiencing peace and comfort. During the holiday season, you might experience hygge as you share a meal with family, take a beautiful walk around town admiring holiday lights and decorations, or curl up with a cup of tea, a good book, and a soft blanket. Here at Eastern Floral, the top florist in Grand Rapids, we love finding hygge in winter flowers and dazzling holiday arrangements. Whether displayed in your living room, adorning the center of your dining table, or sent as a lovely gift to connect you with loved ones, there are many ways to create hygge with flowers and celebrate the season’s beauty from many angles. 

Five Ways Hygge Can Come From Flowers 

Beautiful poinsettia, cup of hot cocoa and decorative deer on window sill. Traditional Christmas flower

Flowers Enhance Our Environment 

In addition to filling your environment with fragrant and serene candles, soft pillows and blankets, your favorite holiday decorations, uplifting music, and other items that give you warm and cozy feelings, you cannot forget to display a lovely seasonal arrangement of fresh winter blooms. Whimsical greenery, holiday hues, delicate petals, and sweet aromas create a welcoming space that honors Mother Nature in the coziest way. 

young smiling woman holding round box with delicate composition of pink flowers and pine branches in her hands

Flowers Connect Us to Loved Ones 

A critical component of hygge is connecting with loved ones, being present with family, and enjoying quality time with friends. Whether you live miles apart, have conflicting schedules, or want to connect further, sending flowers is a brilliant and gorgeous way to hold space for the ones you love and “be there in spirit.” Handing a host or hostess a beautiful seasonal bouquet for the dinner table or receiving one yourself from a dear friend is a simple act that connects us and allows us to embrace hygge together. 

Christmas decoration with carnations, chrysanthemums santini, brunia and fir. Christmas spirit and mood

Flowers Can Inspire Tradition 

Hygge goes way beyond feeling comfy at home. It is also a feeling of belonging, engagement, abundance, togetherness, presence, and being in the moment and among one another. This holiday season, let flowers inspire a new tradition you look forward to sharing with family or friends year after year. For instance, tend to your winter plants and flowers with a parent or grandparent, pick out the holiday dinner centerpiece with a sibling or cousin, go shopping for dazzling poinsettias with a friend, or send seasonal holiday blooms to far away loved ones. 

Huge blooming red and white amaryllis flower head. Beautiful bouquet for Christmas. (Latin Hippeastrum, Amaryllis)

Flowers Bring Us Peace 

Over and over, it has been proven that Mother Nature is a fantastic remedy for anxiety, stress, seasonal depression, and the not-so-fun times that the holiday season may bring. If you struggle to find hygge this winter, or simply want to increase the peacefulness in your space, then an alluring and serene bouquet of winter flowers is just the thing you need. With snowy white petals, bold red hues, and a fresh and luxurious bed of greenery, seasonal arrangements can provide the perfect dose of peace and tranquility. 

Christmas bouquet. Red flower.

Flowers Urge Us to Be Mindful 

The final part of hygge is being mindful, observing, appreciating, and finding joy in the smallest and simplest things that life has to offer. Whether you are literally “stopping to smell the flowers” or taking time to truly look and admire a captivating and alluring winter floral arrangement, seasonal blooms remind us to slow down amidst the holiday hustle and bustle and show gratitude for Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts. 

Some people have defined hygge as “when the ordinary lights up your soul.” Here at Eastern Floral in Grand Rapids, our collection of winter arrangements and holiday bouquets is sure to do just that.

How flowers create hygge for the holidays