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Seasonal Red Beauties for Fall and Winter Floral Arrangements

Celebrating the fall and winter seasons would look much different without the color red. While the crisp green leaves of summer transform into a magnificent live painting of fall foliage and green pine and evergreens are accented with their complementary color red during the holiday season, not to mention all the cherry red Christmas decor, this hue is a common staple of the two seasons. Here at Eastern Floral, the top florist in Grand Rapids, we love to incorporate this bold, uplifting, and energizing color in autumn and winter floral arrangements. Red is not only the color of the seasons but also a way to brighten our homes and lift our moods during an otherwise gloomy and chilly time of year. Take a look at our top 10 favorite red flowers to enhance your autumn and winter this year. 

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

Red is stimulating, strong, and vibrant. In fact, it is the most attractive hue to the human eye and captivates our attention even at a quick glance. Since the stone age, red has been used to tell stories, universally symbolizing action, bravery, courage, valor, power, and danger. Not to mention red is the most romantic hue, signifying love, beauty, desire, and romance. With so much rich meaning and psychology behind this single color, it is truly powerful.

Red Flowers of Fall

Red Flowers of Winter


The simplicity of anemones is what makes them stand out from other red blooms. Their striking dark centers contrast with delicate petals, creating a naturally remarkable look.


Aster, meaning star-like flower in the Greek language, is adored for its charming beauty and symbolism of undying devotion.


Chrysanthemums have grown to become an icon of the autumn season as they are often referred to as “The Queen of Fall Flowers” and are the birth flower for those born in November.

Gerbera Daisy

The large, uplifting red flowers of gerbera daisies bloom from strong, sturdy stems and are ideal for people who can’t get enough sunshine and happy feelings.


In the Victorian Ages, red zinnias were utilized to send messages of romantic intention. Today, these multi-petaled blooms still beautifully signify the steady beat of a heart in love.


Amaryllis are incredible blooms as they can flourish with solid-colored, two-toned, or striped petals. Red and white amaryllis can resemble Christmas candy canes and symbolize love, pride, determination, commitment, and confidence.


A lovely and tropical addition to seasonal fall and winter bouquets, anthuriums are exotic looking with a single waxy, vibrant red bloom and a bright yellow spadix.


An inspiration to many writers and artists and beloved around the world as the second most popular flower, carnations are remarkable. These red blooms have frilly crinkled edges and luxurious double-petaled flowers. 


Adored as “The Queen of Flowers,” roses are the oldest and most loved flower in the world. Their romantic and timeless blooms have inspired countless poets, songwriters, authors, and artists.


Sweetpeas are sweet, fragrant, delicate flowers with petals that sometimes resemble butterflies. It was once believed that having sweetpeas in your home or garden would bring peace, joy, and love. 

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

For centuries, poinsettias have been a staple of the winter holidays. Sporting a few nicknames such as “The Red Christmas Flower” and “Flores de Noche Buena,” which means “Flowers of the Holy Night” in Spanish, poinsettias have rich, ruby red flowers accented by dark green leaves. Even more, these flowers symbolize goodwill, joy, cheer, and community spirit. 

Whether you’re feeling the winter blues or looking for a holiday gift that anyone will simply love and adore, check out our collection of red floral arrangements here at Eastern Floral, Grand Rapids’ favorite flower shop. From the boost in serotonin to the pop of color it adds to home decor, not to mention its pure attractiveness, you can never go wrong with red blooms. 

Our favorite festive red flowers for the holidays