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In the News: Tie Your Holiday Decor Together with These Tips!

Megen Kassuba, Operations Manager for Eastern Floral, visited FOX 17’s Good Morning West Michigan and shared a few tips for assembling the perfect holiday tablescape. 

Megen of Eastern Floral and FOX17

To begin, start in the center of the table with your tallest piece to determine an anchor point. Beautiful candlestick holders with LED tapper candles from Eastern Floral are the perfect item, especially if you celebrate the holidays with excited kids or pets. Decorate in groups of three or in odd numbers to enhance interest and groups of two for symmetry—for instance, three candlesticks and two fresh floral arrangements in between. Don’t forget to sprinkle in the greenery!

To create dimension, add a variety of heights, sizes, and textures to your tablescape with a mix of fresh flowers, greenery, and hard goods. Holiday keepsakes, ornaments made by the kids, short votives, pinecones, berries, and other unique decor will personalize your design with a festive feel. While Scandinavian styles and neutrals are still trending, many people are also incorporating colors from their everyday home decor in addition to traditional holiday hues, like red and white. Before creating your tablescape, decide on a color palette and theme that matches your style and stick to it. 

When selecting the best holiday flowers, consider the size and shape of your table to determine if a long runner style or a round centerpiece display is more fitting. Low floral arrangements are a great way to allow everyone a clear view of family and friends and keep conversations flowing. Visit Eastern Floral to choose from an extensive collection of greenery and small centerpieces for the holidays, as well as matching duos and trios so that you can create a cohesive table design. 

Megen also recommends picking up holiday blooms from Eastern Floral a few days before your dinner. For instance, if you’re hosting on Sunday, grab your arrangements on Monday or Tuesday. As long as your flowers are properly cared for, Eastern Floral guarantees freshness for at least one week. 

With fresh flowers, decor, and giftware from Eastern Floral, it’s easy to “deck your halls” for the holiday season. The team is always happy to help style your dinner table, mantel, or any other space that needs a touch of holiday cheer. 

While all Christmas orders should be placed no later than December 23rd, if you ask nicely, Eastern Floral might be able to accommodate a last-minute order or two. 

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