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Eastern Floral

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In the News: Learn how to make floral arrangements at Eastern Floral

Flowers and plants are instant mood boosters, whether you’re sending, receiving, or designing fresh creations. Rachael Ruiz of eightwest visited Eastern Floral to learn about their monthly floral design classes and the ins and outs of creating your own arrangement. 

Brenda, Megen, and Rachael in the Eastern Floral Design StudioThe opportunity to design an arrangement with your own two hands is a unique, fun, and colorful experience. In the design studio at Eastern Floral, Operations Manager Megen Kassuba shared with Rachael that it’s a great way for anyone to express their creativity in a safe and fun space. Each design class includes all the materials you need and expert instructions from the Eastern Floral designers themselves. 

Lead Floral Designer Brenda Hankis has been designing flowers for 40 years. She led Rachael in creating her own modern tropical arrangement, featuring pin cushion protea, birds of paradise, and vibrant greenery. During classes at Eastern Floral, designers will walk around to ensure each student gets tips and tricks for honing in on their own style. 

While Eastern Floral offers different monthly group classes, you can coordinate a private off-site class to share this experience with friends, family, or co-workers. Megen expressed that design classes are especially popular events to host around the holidays. Brenda noted that everyone is always excited to be in class, learning something new and leaving with their own bouquet and a big smile. 

Visit the Eastern Floral website to sign up for a group design class, or call the flower shop to coordinate a private event. 

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