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How to Buy the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Guy

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to break away from the ordinary gifts for your man and surprise him with something that defies expectations and warms his heart. Fresh flowers, often perceived as a gift primarily for women, carry a profound message of love and admiration for anybody. Surprisingly, only 12% of men have had the pleasure of receiving flowers in their lifetime, according to an Interflora survey. However, the Society of American Florists has unveiled that a compelling 60% of men are genuinely excited about the idea of receiving flowers themselves. Beyond their visual appeal, research shows that gifting men fresh flowers leads to increased communication, more smiles, and deeper connections with their partners and loved ones. This Valentine’s Day, trust Eastern Floral, the top florist in Grand Rapids, to assist you in selecting the perfect arrangement to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite guy.

Tell Your Florist About Him

Carefully selecting fresh and unique blooms that echo your man’s taste and awaken fond memories can be easily done with the help of your local florist. With the finest seasonal blooms in town paired with their expertise, they can either point you in the right direction or design a bespoke arrangement that reflects your relationship and his personal taste. Be sure to give your florist the inside scoop on his style, preferred colors, favorite flowers, or blooms that always remind him of a special moment or shared memory.

Opt for Red, Orange, or Yellow Blooms

Research has found that warm, bright, and captivating shades such as red, orange, and yellow are particularly appealing to men. Red flowers, especially roses, are classic emblems of love and passion, making them a top choice for love-centric occasions like Valentine’s Day. Orange flowers radiate energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, perfect for brightening his day or matching his energetic personality. Yellow flowers, full of joy and optimism, reflect the happiness and positivity he adds to your life. Of course, choosing a bouquet with his favorite colors is a special and personalized touch.

Select Contemporary Designs

For a Valentine’s Day gift for him, shift away from traditional designs and lean towards contemporary floral arrangements. Inspired by the clean lines and simplicity of modern art and architecture, these arrangements are visually alluring and often showcase a monochromatic palette. They might include elements like lucky bamboo, vibrant birds of paradise, or even a singular selection such as red anthuriums. To speak to the outdoorsman, consider bouquets that seem as if they’ve been picked from an unspoiled meadow or forest, featuring a natural blend of wildflowers and earthy tones.

Consider the Vase Choice

Choosing the right vase is key to crafting the perfect floral arrangement for your guy this Valentine’s Day. While the vase should complement the blooms, it should also echo his taste and style. A vase with a dark hue, a wooden piece with a hint of ruggedness, or a sleek minimalist design adds a dose of masculine flair to any flower arrangement. It is akin to the classic charm of his well-loved leather jacket or the sharp elegance of a perfectly fitted suit.

Connect the Arrangement to His Hobbies or Pair Flowers With a Gift

Customizing your floral arrangement to reflect your partner’s hobbies can make your gift even more special. If he’s a musician, attaching a guitar pick to the bouquet adds a unique touch. For a sports buff, incorporating a small team pennant or a keychain representing his favorite team shows you’re in tune with his interests. You can also pair the flowers with a gift, like his favorite beverage, event tickets, or a reservation at a sought-after restaurant. These personal touches are a beautiful way to celebrate him and demonstrate your deep affection.

Let Eastern Floral guide you to the most outstanding Valentine’s Day arrangement for your man. Express your love in the most memorable and romantic way.

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