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Elevate the Holidays with Inspiring Experience Gifts for Any Friend or Family Member

The holiday season is rich with meaningful traditions, heartfelt gatherings, and the undeniable joy that springs from giving friends and family just the right gifts. In the maze of shopping lists and social calendars, there’s one way to ensure your holiday is filled with memories, fresh decor, and loved ones: by gifting floral experiences. Flowers have always stood as a tangible expression of love, happiness, and generosity, fitting seamlessly into the holiday narrative. At Eastern Floral, the leading florist in Grand Rapids, we believe there is no better gift. From adults to children of all ages, regardless of skill level, there are all sorts of festive floral designs and creations waiting to be explored and enjoyed this holiday season.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

Moms and parents often appear to have everything they already need, making holiday shopping for them a challenge. However, there is always one thing they could use more of, and that is a moment to kick back and relax. A floral arrangement class allows themselves to be immersed in a world where only color, scent, and their own imagination matter. Add their favorite drink and savory snacks, and you have a recipe for relaxation and fun just for them. Connect with your local florist to sign them up for a class or coordinate a special session for them and their friends. Floral designing might even become their new hobby.

Experiences to Gift Friends

Instead of buying individual gifts for all of your friends, host a private floral class for a yuletide celebration that they will never forget. Stock up on festive-themed drinks and treats and set the mood with holiday hits. Trying something new in a group setting, especially something like floral design, lessens the pressure and encourages laughter, connection, and creativity. No matter what you choose to make, from classic holiday centerpieces to whimsical flower crowns and accessories, it’s a joyous gathering that could easily become a new annual tradition.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Shopping for kids is another puzzle to solve during the holiday season. Whether they love arts and crafts, the great outdoors, or hands-on learning, there is no better way to gift flowers to children than through a floral workshop. Let their creativity shine bright like holiday lights as they explore the world of fresh blooms. They’ll have a blast making small arrangements or pressed petal holiday art and keepsakes that can double as gifts for family, friends, or teachers. For ambitious kids who really want to stand out, a seasonal lei, corsage, or boutonniere to wear to their next holiday party is an option they are sure to love. So, this year, instill the holiday spirit and a love for Mother Nature in your little ones.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

Forget the stale cookies and holiday punch, and give the gift of green to your company. This experience can either replace or enhance the annual holiday gathering as you bond with your team while assembling plant terrariums or succulent gardens. The evening is sure to be filled with chatter, laughter, and new innovation with your coworkers. At the end of the event, everyone’s little gifts will add life and vibrancy to your workspace, improve air quality, elevate your mood, and spark creativity. As an added bonus, their low-maintenance nature means you can enjoy the benefits without the stress of taking care of another item at the office.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

Celebrate love this holiday season in the most romantic way possible through the language of flowers. The only thing better than receiving a seasonal bouquet from your partner is designing one side-by-side together. Select flowers that speak to both of you, decide on a design, and let your collective creativity flourish. By playing to your individual talents, your finished bouquet will be a stunning testament to your partnership. It’s a holiday date night like no other.

Deck the halls with more than just holly this year! Let the experts at Eastern Floral guide you to the perfect flower design workshop for all the ones you love.

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