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Celebrate the Beauty, Wonder, and Love of Roses During National Rose Month

As one of the most popular and favored flowers around the world, it is no wonder why we celebrate National Rose Month each June. The rose, after all, is our country’s national flower and holds some of the most versatile and alluring symbolism of any other bloom. Dedicating an entire month to roses is the least we can do for the beauty and inspiration they have graced us with for centuries. Without roses, romance would look a little different, beloved pieces of art might not exist, and honeysuckle would stand alone as the June birth flower.

With all of this to consider, here at Eastern Floral, we are thrilled and honored to be celebrating National Rose Month this June. We are stocking up on a vast collection of rose varieties and colors and sharing a little history behind National Rose Month and why roses are so special.

Vintage filter red roses gift for Valentines Day, birthday or special occasion on recycled distressed natural dark wood background.

A Brief History of National Rose Month

In 1959, June was declared National Rose Month in an effort for these deeply admired blooms to become the official national flower of the United States. It was during this first festive celebration of National Rose Month that Arlene Hennessey was crowned “Rose Queen.” However, it took until 1986 for roses to officially represent our great country. Under President Ronald Reagan, a resolution was signed, and roses became the nation’s national flower and the White House’s floral emblem.

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Roses Are Full of Inspiration

Since the beginning of time, roses have been a symbol of passion and love. Deities such as Dionysus, Aphrodite, and her son Eros all played a critical role in creating the symbolic meaning behind these sweet, beautiful, and passionate blooms. Throughout the world, roses have been an inspiring muse for artists of all sorts, from painters to poets and songwriters. Famous names like Georgia O’Keefe, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Sylvia Plath, Robert Frost, Seal, and Poison have all been touched by roses in some way that has led to the creation of great, profound, and popular works of art.

bouquet of 101 multicolored roses

Meaning and Symbolism of Different Rose Colors

Roses bloom in various hues, including bold classic red, graceful, pure white, cheerful yellow, and even enchanting lavender. Each petal color offers its own unique symbolism, making roses one of the most dynamic when it comes to the language of flowers. You will surely find the perfect rose to express yourself or send the right message to a friend, family member, or loved one, no matter the occasion.

Red Roses – Love, Romance, and Passion
Orange Roses – Life, Excitement, Energy, and Passion
Peach Roses – Admiration and Appreciation
Coral Roses -Happiness and Desire
Light Pink Roses – Admiration, Happiness, and Joy
Deep Pink Roses – Appreciation and Thankfulness
Lavender Roses – Love at First Sight and Enhancement
Yellow Roses – Gladness, Delight, and Friendship
White Roses – Innocence, Purity, Honor, and Reverence

Peach rose bouquet

Ways to Celebrate National Rose Month

Surrounding yourself with roses and immersing yourself in the magnificence that comes with them might be easier than you think. While purchasing fresh roses from your trusted local flower shop, like Eastern Floral, is the most obvious way to celebrate National Rose Month, we have a few more ideas tucked up our sleeves.

After you purchase fresh-cut roses, you will, of course, want to display your new flowers in your home or your office so you can admire their beauty. However, we also want to encourage you to share the wondrous and luxurious world of roses with others. Since roses are the June birth flower, celebrating June birthdays with roses is most appropriate. Send a bouquet of roses to a friend, neighbor, family member, or someone who might need a little cheering up. Donate a breathtaking rose arrangement to an organization or hospital that could use some love this June. Finally, step into the artistic world of roses and listen to songs, read poetry, and marvel over artwork that has been dedicated to roses.

No matter how you celebrate National Rose Month this June, we will be honoring one of our favorite months of the year by creating some of the most dreamy rose bouquets you have ever seen. So, stop over to Eastern Floral or browse our collection online to find the perfect bouquet of roses.