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What Roses Say


What Roses Say

Shakespeare wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” There’s no denying that it doesn’t matter what you call a rose since it’s one of the most beautiful flowers you can offer your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

However, did you know that different colors of roses have different meanings? You probably already know that the red rose is the ultimate symbol of love and romance, but you might want to get a little creative this year with your flower choice and go with a different color.

For Dear Friends, Choose Yellow

A yellow rose is so beautiful it looks almost edible, and they’re a sunny way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion. Many consider yellow roses to be a beautiful symbol of sincere friendship, as well as a joyful heart.

If you have a friend in your life that you’ve known for many years and you want to show her how much she means to you, yellow roses are a beautiful way to say, “you’re my best friend.” They’re also a cheerful way to brighten the Valentine’s Day of your mother, grandmother, or sister.

A New Love Demands Lavender

If you’ve not yet fallen in love and you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day without going the whole nine yards with red roses, lavender roses might be your best option. The color of lavender has a strong connection to royalty, but it’s also a color that symbolizes enchantment.

Show her that she enchants you every day with a bouquet of lavender roses. If you’re looking for a bouquet with more than just roses, lavender pairs beautifully with pink flowers like gerbera daisies.

Be Pretty in Pink

You can’t help but smile when you see roses in the color of bubblegum. If you want to show your Valentine that she’s sweet and graceful, give her some pink roses. Poetic and elegant, pink roses are a graceful way to show your love.

Pink is also a color you might want to choose if you’re looking to show your appreciation or gratitude. You might think about giving some pink roses to a coworker or a neighbor. She’ll love a little vase of pink roses on her desk at work.

This year, say, “I love you” with roses from your local florist in a beautifully vibrant shade of yellow, lavender, pink, or any shade that’s meaningful to you.