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Tips on How to Keep Holiday Flowers Alive Longer

During the holiday season, many homes and offices take advantage of beautiful holiday flower designs to complement holiday decorations. Sadly, for many these wonderful floral designs seem to stay fresh and festive for too short of a time. Following are some tips to help you enjoy your holiday flowers for at least one week.

Tips for Extending the Life of Holiday Flowers

Handle With Care

Flowers are alive but very delicate. Handle them carefully so that you break off blossoms or bend and break the flower stems.

Size the Vase Correctly

Use a large urn to display a large garden style design. Smaller designs will look better in vases that are less in size. The first day and every day afterwards put fresh water in the vase. Keep the flowers away from direct heat and sunlight. Trim any leaves from stems that are underneath the water.

Trim the Stems

Every few days, trim the stems. A short trim is fine, but make sure you cut on an angle and not straight across the stems.

Discard Withered Flowers

When day three comes along, thin out the design by removing dead, dried leaves and blossoms that have withered. Since the design is less voluminous, move it to a smaller, similar shaped vase.

Thin the Design Again

By day 5, decomposition has taken more of your design. However, the remaining flowers are wide-open with beautiful blooms. Cluster these blooming flowers in a small vase, which will certainly complement the large blooms that remain.

The End

On day seven there are still a few beautiful blooming flowers left – unfortunately not enough to keep as an design. But, do not waste those gorgeous blooms. Set them in a handsome teacup or similar vessel and float them in water. If you have house guests, place one in the guest room. Make sure to put one in your own bedroom or bath as well. If you have other blooms left over, place them strategically around the house.

Keeping holiday flowers fresh for up to one week is not a hard task. Following these simple tips will give you a week or more of enjoyment from your holiday floral designs.