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Things to Consider When Buying Roses, the June Flower

Birth Month Flowers
There is a flower associated with every month. The United Kingdom and United States lists are different. Both lists agree, however, that June’s flower is the rose.

Cut Flowers
When giving someone roses in person or having roses delivered by a florist, cut roses are the best choice. Remember to have a vase included with your gift. There’s nothing worse than sending a beautiful bouquet of long-stemmed red roses to someone—without a vase—and having the flowers remain without adequate water for hours until the recipient can obtain a vase in which to display them. The Two Dozen Premium Roses design sold by Eastern Floral is delivered with a classic clear glass vase. The vase is the right diameter and height to hold all the roses, displaying them for everyone to admire.

Flower Colors
There are meanings associated with every flower color. Many people don’t attach any significance to the meanings. They buy whatever color roses they think the recipient will or they choose from among the rose colors the online flower shop or local florist is selling. A list of rose colors and the meanings or symbolism associated with those colors follows.

  • Apricot, coral, ginger, orange and vermillion roses represent confidence, energy and fun. Brandy and Amber Flush are great examples of roses in this color range.
  • Blue roses signify calmness and tranquility. Blue Satin, with its delicate color, is an excellent example of a blue rose.
  • Green roses signify optimism. Shamrock is a beautiful example of a green rose.
  • Lavender roses signify womanhood in her prime. Enchanted Evening is a beautiful lavender floribunda, and Neptune is a beautiful lavender hybrid tea rose.
  • Pink roses symbolize caring, elegance, grace and happiness. They are associated with admiration and appreciation. La France, Marie d’Orleans and Mrs. Sam Houston are examples of pink roses.
  • Purple roses signify admiration and respect. Ebb Tide is a stunning deep purple rose.
  • Red roses represent romance, love and passion. They are associated with beauty and perfection. Chrysler Imperial, Mr. Lincoln and Ronal Reagan are beautiful red roses.
  • White roses represent purity and innocence. They are associated with marriage and new beginnings in life. Iceberg, Silver Moon and White Dawn are wonderful examples of white roses.
  • Yellow roses symbolize cheer, friendship, happiness and joy. Marilyn Monroe, Moonlight and Republic of Texas are colorful examples of yellow roses.