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Eastern Floral

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A Surprise of Flowers Is The Best Gift!

Flowers have been given as gifts for many centuries.  Traditionally, they were given to a woman by a man who is interested in her.  The woman would then accept them and give a reply as to whether or not she was interested in going on a date with him.  Although flowers are still used to woo women, there are many other reasons to give them, including for birthdays, as a form of a get well gesture, for graduations and lots more.

The Perfect Surprise Gift

There’s no denying that flowers make for the perfect surprise gift.  From roses to Lillies to tulips, these little pieces of heaven are sure to cheer up anyone’s day.  What is it, though, about flowers that make them so perfect?  Let’s take a quick look.

First of all, research shows flowers are linked “to happiness, creativity, compassion, and tranquility.”  A study even concluded that people who receive flowers as a gift reflect immediate happiness.

Another reason that flowers are excellent for giving as a surprise gift is because they can be purchased by anyone of any age.  A seven-year-old boy can walk into a flower shop and buy flowers for his mother, and this is because flowers are perfectly harmless. They also come in all price ranges, meaning a boy wouldn’t have to have a pocket full of dough to buy his mother a special surprise flower.

Diving a little bit deeper into the matter, you’ll see that flowers are perfect because they don’t require a lot of maintenance, nor do they need batteries.  Many flowers simply need just a bit of sunshine each day as well as water.  Since they are so easy to take care of, even children will enjoy receiving them.

Lastly, giving flowers as a surprise gift is advantageous because when receivers keep them in their homes, they tend to feel “more compassion towards others, [have] less worry and anxiety and [feel] less depressed.”

Next time you’re looking for a way to show your compassion, or looking to show your interest in a special someone, remember that flowers make for the perfect surprise gift.