Eastern Floral

Eastern Floral

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Summer Picnics in the Park, The Perfect Flowers to Bring

Summer is the season of bold, arresting color. It features the cerulean allure of the ocean, the ambient gold of the blazing sun, the emerald resistance of foliage refusing to burn up in the blazing sun, and the striking clash of crimson and white on a picnic blanket.

Match the season’s effervescent kaleidoscope on your next picnic with a similarly bursting bouquet or arrangement of flowers from Eastern Floral.


Few flowers are more apropos of summer than the flower that shares part of the season’s name: the sunflower. It’s proud, bold, and unflinchingly optimistic just like the sun.

Our “Quaint Quartet” arrangement features four plucky sunflowers that are certain to spruce up the mood at any picnic. They’re quirky, atmosphere, and guaranteed to shine a bright light on any summer event.


Another staple of the summer time experience is the firework. Prominent during the Fourth of July but still popular throughout the remainder of the season, fireworks are explosively fun.

Carnations share the essence of fireworks with their bursting, zany colors and bold petal arrangement. Our “Tickled Pink” arrangement embraces this. The carnations, mixed with spray roses and gerbera daisies, are destined to bring joy to any picnic.


If a voluminous floral arrangement is too bold for your summer outing, consider buying our understated “Sunny Charm” as gift for an attending loved one.

The golden calla lilies and hypericum berries capture a proud, golden glimpse of the summer sun and converts it into a seasonal charm. It’s as if we captured a fleeting wink of sunbeam and infused into our flowers. It matches perfectly with a sunny disposition.


Ensure that your summer picnic is as fresh as daisy by decorating the setting with some actual daisies.

Our “Sunny Spirals” arrangement delivers on the whimsical and playful side of the floral spectrum. The bright yellow gerbera daisies and the orange roses cast a cozy warmth on your picnic, guaranteeing that this bouquet makes a superb centerpiece.


The highest peak of floral sophistication is claimed by one flower, and one flower only: the rose. With its myriad shapes and hues, the rose is an ideal accoutrement for any event, no matter how big, small, intimate, or platonic.

Strike the decorum jackpot with our “Gold Rush” arrangement, featuring a collection of Gold Rush yellow roses adorned with a gold deco wire and placed in clear container. Just don’t let the ants abscond with your picnic as you soak in bouquet’s glimmering potency.