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Show Your Appreciation This Administrative Professionals Week

Administrative Professionals WeekIn 2000, the name of “Secretaries Day” was changed to “Administrative Professionals Day.” Why was this change made? It was made because of the ever-evolving role of the secretary in the modern workplace. As you consider all that your administrative professional does for you, it makes sense that you would want to honor this hard worker at least once a year. Administrative Professionals Day is April 22, and Eastern Floral has a number of arrangements that are a great fit for this holiday.

The Reason for the Celebration

While it seems like common sense to celebrate administrative professionals, in light of all they do for us, this has not always been an official day. The day came about in the 1950s in an attempt to highlight the career option for secretaries, which were in short supply. The goal was both to honor secretaries in the workplace and draw attention to the excellent career in an attempt to draw more people to the job. Since the first Secretaries Day in 1952, the day has become one of the largest workplace celebrations in the country, and it is now celebrated throughout the world.

Choosing the Right Flowers for Administrative Professionals Week

With Administrative Professionals Week just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you will give. Eastern Floral recommends flower arrangements that are bright displays but sized appropriately for your secretary’s desk. Consider, for example, Pink Lemonade. Bright and bold, this pink and yellow arrangement takes up just enough space to make a statement of thanks, without overwhelming the desk.

Something in a square vase can be a nice fit for this holiday as well, as it’s a unique look and also a smaller footprint on the desktop. Chiffon Medley is one such example.

For a gift that will continue to grace the desk long after the day has passed, consider a blooming live plant. Blushing Blooms has pastel blooming cyclamen housed in a ceramic container for a lovely, long-lasting display.

No matter what your tastes may be, Eastern Floral has a flower arrangements to match, giving you an easy and appropriate way to say “thanks” this Administrative Professionals Day.