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Sending Flowers to an Office? Here are 5 Things to Consider!

There are many reasons you might want to send flowers to the office. Here are a few smart tips and good etiquette practices for the next time you are considering a gift of flowers for someone in the office.

Etiquette for Sending Flowers to Fellow Workers

Acknowledging your employees’ hard work is important for strong office morale. While you can always surprise employees with lunch, bring in treats or verbalize your appreciation, flowers are a lasting reminder of your gratitude. When an important project is done with excellence, consider writing a small note and including it with a cheery bouquet to brighten up the office. Remember to send the flowers to a group of employees and not to single out a specific employee, lest your actions be mistakenly viewed as romantic.

Chip in with other employees to send a gift to your boss for his or her birthday, anniversary or Bosses Day. You won’t want to give a gift just from yourself, since this could be mistakenly viewed as sucking up to the boss or trying to gain special favor.

Sending Flowers to a Special Woman at her Workplace

Of course, flowers at the office may be one of the most romantic ways to surprise your special female friend. Although jealousy is not a particularly flattering attribute in anyone, making her friends just a bit envious can reap some big points in your favor. Choose a gift that screams romance for a wife or fiancé, or send her something sweet to celebrate a newly budding relationship.

Should You Send a Guy Flowers?

Women get more flowers than men, but is it okay to send flowers to a man at work? There are many plant options for the man who appreciates gardening and planting. Rather than sending a traditional bouquet, consider sending colorful plants to brighten his office window or green cacti that add life to a desk without requiring more than a few drops of water a week.

Important Occasions for Sending Flowers to the Office

When a co-worker or boss has suffered from a loss or a hospitalized friend or family member, a bouquet from the rest of the office can be a wonderful reminder of the love and support that surrounds them. Birthdays, retirement and the birth of children are all happy reasons that you can send flowers to symbolize your shared celebration and excitement. Of course, in most cases the best practice in the office is to send the flowers from a larger group of employees so that no one gets the wrong idea.

Flower Etiquette for the Office

Remember other employees in the office when sending flowers and don’t send bouquets that are too scented. Your florist will be able to help you know whether the bouquet you want to send is low-scent or scentless, keeping the more sensitive employees in mind. Choose a hardy flower that won’t die quickly and send the flowers at the beginning of the week so they can be appreciated as long as possible before they wilt (no one can admire them if they aren’t working over the weekend).