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Roses are for June Birthdays

rosesFor the whole month of June, we’re celebrating roses here at Eastern Floral. Since it is the June birth flower, we thought we’d spend the month honoring this spectacular flower. We hope that we inspire our Western Michigan customers to choose to honor their friends or loved ones whose birthdays are in June with a gift of these classic flowers.

The Three Types or Classes of Roses

Species or Wild Species 

Wild or species roses only have one blooming cycle during the summer. This is the type that produces rose hips – a berry-like fruit that is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. Species roses are very popular among home gardeners. They are drawn to the species because of its resistance to diseases and pests, and the fact that it’s easy to grow. Rosa Rugosa is the most popular species rose. Species roses are commonly used in hybridizing.

Old Garden 

Old garden roses are known for their delicate beauty and enticing fragrance. This type isn’t often found among hybrid tea roses. They are best suited to growth in warmer climates, although they are winter hardy. Home gardeners love them because of their resistance to diseases. Old garden roses are most often seen in pastel colors. They come in shrub and vine varieties.


Classic Red Roses


Modern rose is the classification used to describe any rose variety that was identified after 1867. They are produced by crossbreeding the polyanthus species (a type of primrose,) with a hybrid tea rose. They come in a range of bold colors. These roses are more difficult to grow since they require specialized care and are more sensitive to winter weather conditions.

Today, roses are used in many more ways than they used to be used. People incorporate them into décor – both for indoor and outdoor spaces. They are also used for making cosmetics and perfumes. They are even used to create essential oils, and to make home remedies for common ailments. The essential oil that is derived from roses is used in aromatherapy, too.

Give that special person in your life, our Tri-Color Trifecta. This spectacular arrangement is made up of three bunches of orange, hot pink and green roses. They are elegantly grouped together with different colored wires, and the stately variegated flax leaves give this arrangement a very regal look.


Tricolor Trifecta