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Rooted Green Plants Department Launch

On June 23 and 24, we celebrated the launch of Rooted, the new green plant department here at Eastern Floral with an exciting two-day event. Rooted is home to a variety of traditional and unique green plants, containers, accessories, plant care items and much more!

Grow Where You Are Rooted

What Is Rooted

Cacti Monsterra LeavesAt Eastern Floral we have a love for all things natural and beautiful! Although our focus has traditionally been on flowers, we recognize that plants are working their way into people’s homes & hearts! Not only do green plants really liven up a workspace or home, they are also proven to increase overall happiness and improve one’s mental health. How incredible is that?

Rooted is home to a large variety of green plants such as Sansevieria, Monstera, Zamioculcas, Schefflera Arboricola, Berkin, and Pothos. Unique and exotic plants include Decursiva, Stromanthe Triostar, Jungle Boogie, Hoya plants and so many more.

There truly is a plant for everyone! Another incredible element of green plants is the community that has formed out of this shared interest. Jennifer Verwys, Marketing Coordinator at Eastern Floral states, “We have seen so many social groups and communities come together “rooted” in a shared love for plants. Our hope is that Rooted is a place where people can come and find a plant that speaks to them, so they can enjoy its beauty and all of its benefits!”

Event Details

The event was an exciting two days of indoor and outdoor shopping, food, music, DIY activities, giveaways, a silent auction and all things plants. Despite the rain (correction… downpour) that made an appearance, the event still ran smoothly.

Bing Goei, CEO, took over the role of grill master and cooked up some delicious hot dogs for guests to enjoy! Complete with a variety of cookies, chips and drink options.

A DIY succulent bar and terra cotta pot decorating station welcomed guests to let their creativity flow and create a unique design to take home! Scrabble tiles could be used to make a customized plant tag.

Outdoor tents were filled with a variety of green plants and sale items while the open gift shop doors guided guests to experience the Rooted department, filled with a beautiful display of green plants. Other curated gift items such as home decor, gift items, floral arrangements, and accessories filled the gift shop for an afternoon of shopping.

A silent auction with an incredible selection of unique plants was available for bidding. Some of the unique plants up for bid included a Pink Princess Philodendron, String of Dolphins, Monstera and Yucca Cane.

The Mental Health Foundation

Proceeds from the Rooted event went to support the Mental Health Foundation – an incredible local organization that promotes mental health and preventing suicide through education. Eastern Floral has a long standing relationship with the Mental Health Foundation. We knew they were a great organization to partner with during this event – green plants promote mental health after all!

Find more information on the organization here.

Future Of Rooted

Eastern Floral is going to continue to expand Rooted, by continuously acquiring new and trending plants. As a proud member of this community, a portion of  Rooted proceeds will support local Grand Rapids area organizations. Stay up to date with the latest Rooted happenings on our social media.
You can find our Facebook page here and our Instagram here.

More information coming to our website soon as well!

Stop in to check out Rooted: 2836 Broadmoor Ave SE, Grand Rapids MI 49512

Check out our news interview on Rooted Here:

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our Rooted event, we are so thankful for you!