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Random Act Of Kindness Day is February 17

February 17 is Random Act Of Kindness Day
A simple act of kindness can go a long way, especially when it comes unexpectedly. Often when people are shown kindness it encourages them to show kindness to others around them and creates a domino effect. Random Act Of Kindness Day is the perfect time to make someone’s day a little brighter with a thoughtful gesture, encouraging word, act of service, or gift such as flowers.
There can never be too much kindness!

When did Random Acts Of Kindness Day begin?

According to NationalToday, Random Acts Of Kindness Day began in 1995 by a nonprofit organization called The Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation out of Denver. The special day then carried over to New Zealand and has since caught attention elsewhere.

What can I do on Random Acts of Kindness Day?

  1. Pay For The Car or Person Behind You: While getting your morning coffee, offer to pay for the car or person behind you. This is a simple act that will only cost you a few dollars, but will make someone’s day a whole lot brighter. This may be the first step in a chain of paying it forward that day! Who knows? 
  2. Compliment A Stranger: Who doesn’t love to hear nice things about themselves? Offering a complement is free, but has the potential to leave a lasting impact on someone. If you find yourself crossing paths with someone during your day, offer a compliment!  
  3. Surprise Someone With A Bouquet Of Flowers: Every day at Eastern Floral we see beautiful reactions from those receiving the gift of flowers or plants. Flowers and plants bring color and natural beauty into a space and are also proven to help improve one’s mood and decrease feelings of anxiety! 
    A few gift options include the bright and cheerful Sun-Drenched arrangement, the Bright Wishes bouquet and the European Garden Basket.

This Random Act Of Kindness Day, spread the love through a kind act or thoughtful gift!

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