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What You Should Know About Flowers and Passover

Passover is a Jewish holiday commemorating the Exodus of the Jewish slaves from Egypt. It has been celebrated for thousands of years and is to this day an important holiday for tens of thousands of people.

Flowers were not an original feature in this holiday; however, the fact that Passover falls in spring has led many people to use flowers to decorate the home at this time. Flowers or plants are also commonly given as gifts by those who are invited to a Passover meal at a friend’s home.

Which Flowers are Best?

Spring flowers are best for this special occasion. Lilies, tulips, daffodils, daisies, pussy willows and hyacinths are all popular options. There are no particular rules regarding which flowers can and cannot be given; however, as Passover is meant to celebrate freedom, vibrant colors are usually the best option. Potted plants can be used as substitutes for flowers or floral design.

How to Present Passover Flowers

Flowers are used as a traditional decoration for gift baskets. In fact, such baskets are not considered to be complete unless at least a few flowers have been added.

Flowers not placed inside a gift basket should be given together with a vase of water. There is a complex set of rules that govern what work can and cannot be done on the Passover and observant Jews will never take a bouquet of flowers and put them in a vase of water at this time. Providing a ready-made bouquet enables a person to simply place in on the table and enjoy the beauty of the floral design as opposed to having to leave the flowers on the counter to wilt.

Flowers are not necessarily the only gift that can be given on the Passover; however, they have many advantages. It is often easier to buy flowers than it is to find kosher food or wine; especially if you are not very familiar with the Jewish faith. What is more, flowers are easy to buy and you would be hard pressed to find a host who would not appreciate a beautiful plant or floral bouquet.  In fact, you can now shop for flowers without leaving the comfort of your home, as Eastern Floral provides a wide range of ready-made bouquets and potted plants for Passover; all you have to do is look over the options and pick a bouquet or plant that you feel your host would like.