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How to Send the Best Easter Flowers

Easter Flowers Grand Rapids, Michigan Although Easter is less than two weeks away, it’s hard to believe given the weird weather Western Michigan experienced this year. Just because it’s too early to see the welcome signs of spring as fully open daffodils remind people of sunshine and teacups, or brightly colored tulips that scream spring, you don’t have to suffer from floral deprivation. The staff at Eastern Floral is making sure we have a large selection traditional Easter flowers as well as less familiar brightly colored ones that are sure to brighten the heart of any recipient on a day that is too cold for this time of the year.

A White “Easter Lily” is the quintessential flower for this holiday. White is symbolic of hope, purity, and new life. The petals of lilies form a circle that represents the Crown of Thorns that Christ wore. When you look for an Easter lily, look for one that is full of dark green leaves and many unopened buds. A plant with loads of buds will eventually look like a snow-covered field.

Easter Lily Flowers | Eastern Floral Designs

Easter Lily

For Christians, Easter is an important religious holiday, but its roots date back to two Ancient Pagan spring festivals. “Ostara” celebrated the essence of spring, and the new life that spring brings from the ground. “Ishtar” was the Ancient Arabian sun festival. The combination of parts of the words for these Pagan celebrations became the word we recognize as “Easter.”

Daffodils aren’t necessarily an Easter staple, but they do represent the arrival of spring, and they remind people of happiness, sunshine, and warm spring breezes – even if it’s too cold out to imagine experiencing that warmth anytime soon. Put a little sunshine in someone’s heart with Dancing Daffodils. We pack a modern white ceramic cube vase full of delightful daffodils and add some greenery around the base of the flower heads, just to create the illusion that they’re growing in a grassy field.

Give someone the gift of an indoor bulb garden. Help someone forget about cold temperatures, dreary weather, or anything else. We filled a ceramic container with bulbs that people typically associate with spring – hyacinth, daffodils, and tulips. While your recipient waits for bulbs to emerge from the ground, they will delight in watching them bloom right in the comfort of their home. After these bulbs bloom, tell your recipient to put them aside until fall. Then plant them in the ground so they’ll bloom the following spring.