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Eastern Floral

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Why You Should Give Flowers on Sweetest Day

With Sweetest Day quickly approaching this October 18, couples across the region are beginning to search for the perfect gift for their loved ones. For nearly 100 years, the third Saturday in October has been seen as the perfect time to give romantic partners and close friends gifts of candy and flowers to show affection and love. Sometimes, however, it can be a bit of a struggle to find the perfect arrangement for that special someone. Here are some suggestions for finding the perfect purchase this Sweetest Day.


Roses are a traditional gift of romance and love. They have a rich history as gifts and should be appreciated by just about anyone. Different color roses have different meanings, such as yellow roses being used to denote friendship, while lavender and red can both be used to indicate a more romantic love. The rich beauty of the roses mean that they make for lovely gift on Sweetest Day no matter who the recipient might be. Givers might decide to give a stunning bouquet of a dozen roses or they might elect for a single, classy rose along with another small gift such as some chocolates or a romantic photo.


Orchids have become increasingly popular in recent years because of their beauty and incredible diversity. There are countless different species of orchids, all offering colors and sizes. Orchids also tend to be relatively easy to care for and can look beautiful whether they are on a counter, table, window sill, mantle, or anywhere else in a home. Since orchids are potted plants, they also offer the added benefit of lasting for considerably longer, which can add to the symbolism of the gift while also being an excellent source of joy through the entire year.

Fall colors

Sweetest Day falls during the fall, which is already known for its gorgeous color schemes. With earthy oranges, reds, greens, and reds, many people adore the colors that are associated with this time of year. Capitalize on this opportunity by finding an arrangement that uses some of the beautiful colors with some stunning flowers such as orange lilies and roses. The arrangement is sure to add a bit of life and light to the inside as fall and winter begin to force people inside.

Sweetest Day is a fantastic time of year for letting loved ones know how much they matter. Any of the above arrangements and flowers should be an excellent gift for that someone special. Consider which option would work best for a particular person and get the perfect gift this October.