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Gifts and Flowers for Employee Appreciation Day

footer-590pxMarch 6th is National Employee Appreciation Day. This is a yearly observance that always falls on the first Friday in March. Dr. Bob Nelson was one of the founders of the National Association of Employee Recognition (NAER,) later known as Recognition Professionals International. Throughout the United States, Dr. Nelson was known as the “Thank You” guru. He launched the first Employee Appreciation Day event in 1995. It turned into an annual nationwide observance, like many others, including National Bosses Appreciation Day, which occurs in September.

At Eastern Floral, we want to help employers in our area of Western Michigan, show their employees how much they value them. One of the ways to express that appreciation is by giving gifts or flowers. We’ve come up with three suggestions that are sure to be a hit with all employees.

Although you may have plans to celebrate this observance with all your employees, we know how much your individual employees or employee teams will appreciate a gift of flowers, plants or other treats.

A Glimpse of a Rainforest

Help your employees chase away the winter blues. Our Aloha Bromeliad Plant combines two gorgeous bromeliads with the multi-colored foliage of the exotic Croton plant. All of these spectacular tropical plants will take the chill out of the office air, while brightening the atmosphere. This thoughtful gift will remind your employees of how much you value them long past National Employee Appreciation Day.

Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Terrarium

A Desktop Desert

We love our easy-to-care-for Succulent Terrariums. This Succulent Terrarium is our own unique creation. We love this new twist on the classic terrarium. We start with a recycled bubble bowl. We nearly arrange assorted succulents and surround them with pea gravel. Since a terrarium is a self-contained eco-system, your employees won’t have to worry about maintaining this lovely desktop garden. Succulents have built-in water reservoirs, so they can go without water for prolonged periods.

Elegant Sophistication

In case you’d rather give a gift of flowers, we think our Dynamic Splendor bouquet is a spectacular way to show your gratitude. We chose hot pink roses, green mini hydrangeas, and orange gerbera daisies, and artfully arranged them in a beautiful round glass container. It is the perfect combination of simple and unique, and would look wonderful on anybody’s desk!

We hope these suggestions are helpful to you, and we are sure your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.