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Eastern Floral

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Gift Giving Tips for Administrative Professional’s Day

Administrative Professional’s Day has been an official holiday in the U.S. since 1952, when it was dubbed Secretaries Day. Today, along with a modern name update, it also includes commemorating men and women administrative support staff and administrators of offices, for the work they perform throughout the year.

It can be an important day in an office environment because aside from a birthday or achieving a business goal, few opportunities are available to express appreciation for the hard work, loyalty and perseverance that an administrative professional routinely contributes to a company.

Gift Options

Giving a gift is traditional and there are many standard choices, such as flowers, a plant, a restaurant or spa gift certificate, or an office feature, such as an upgraded technology accessory, like a cordless mouse, or an iPad case.

The etiquette for giving a gift for Administrative Professional’s Day follows the rules that govern office politics overall, which include the following:

  • A gift should communicate a professional message. Avoid giving a bouquet of roses, an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry. These all would be appropriate as a gift for a personal association, but a business relationship requires a gift with a neutral tone, such as a plant, bouquet of colorful seasonal flowers or gift certificate.
  • A gift for a group of people should be general enough to appeal to every individual recipient. A plant for the office, office party or restaurant lunch can be enjoyed by everyone, and requesting a vote is a common method to reach consensus regarding the details.
  • Give a gift that has a cost commensurate with a business’s revenue. Many companies abide by an Internal Revenue Service average $25 rule for office gift giving, however, it certainly would depend on the available funding.
  • Give the gift directly to the staff members in a ceremony or presentation. Bestowing the gift can be one of the more memorable aspects of gift giving. A speech, toast or other ceremonial gesture is usually appreciated.