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Eastern Floral

Posted by Kiersten Schulte on April 10, 2014 Earth Day Flowers Holidays

9 Fun Facts about Earth Day and Flowers

  1. Did you know that Earth Day is celebrated all over the world? Festivals, events, and environmental activities are planned the weekend prior and the day of. Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with the rest of the world. Buy a bouquet of flowers and beautify your home.
  2. People of all faiths, all nationalities, all socioeconomic statuses, and all walks of life celebrate Earth Day.  Do you? Celebrate Earth day with flowers.
  3. Did you know that planting flowers reduces the amount of carbon we have in our environment?  They take in carbon dioxide and create oxygen. Celebrate Earth Day with flowers.
  4. How many flowering plant species do you think there are? 1,000?  10,000? Not even close. There are about 2,500,000 flowering plant species in the world. Celebrate Earth day with a bouquet of flowers.
  5. Did you know that flowers have been used for everything like bringing a smile to someone’s face and for warding off spirits? Celebrate Earth Day with a bouquet of flowers and see how your loved one uses it.
  6. Did you know that there are some flowers that only bloom at night? Moon flowers, a beautiful white blossom, bloom at night and close up during the day. Celebrate Earth Day with some flowers and see what they do during the course of a day.
  7. Earth Day is the third biggest activity day in elementary, middle, and high schools. It falls in place right behind Christmas and Halloween. Celebrate Earth Day with flowers and join in the fun.
  8. Some people decide not to drive on Earth Day in support of the environmental effort. Why not take a day off and spend it doing something to support the environment? Order a bouquet of flowers and plat a tree – sounds like the perfect combination.
  9. The Earth Day ceremony at the United Nations includes the ringing of the Peace Bell. The Peace Bell was made from coins by children in Japan. How will you celebrate Earth Day?  Considering giving someone special a bouquet of flowers. It’s not only good for their heart and soul, its good for the environment.

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