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Eastern Floral

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The Full Guide To Flowers on Grandparent’s Day

Grandparents are instrumental in so many lives. From telling stories to babysitting to offering guidance and wisdom, so many people turn to their grandparents for so much. It only makes sense to remember and celebrate September 7, Grandparent’s Day, as a wonderful chance to let these valuable family members know how much they matter. What can be better than giving the gift of flowers?

Flowers are the perfect present for so many holidays, including Grandparent’s Day, because they offer beauty and life. They help to bring a bit of the freshness from outdoors inside while also serving as excellent decorations. Here are some great ideas for finding the perfect flower arrangement or bouquet for Grandma or Grandpa.

Shopping by color

Looking for a gift that symbolizes warmth and friendliness? According to psychologists, yellow is the way to go. Take the sunflower for example. A beautiful, bold flower that offers personality and liveliness, a bouquet of sunflowers can be perfect.

Those who want to stay in the yellow color scheme should also consider daisies. These beautiful flowers can come in a rich, lively yellow that calls to mind the wonders of summer and fall. They are also easily paired with other colors. Consider matching the yellow daisies with orange roses, for example. The two colors will easily complement each other for a fantastic look that should please any recipient.

Reds and pinks are also popular flower colors. Traditionally, pink roses are used to symbolize admiration and appreciation while red speaks to love. Roses are also popular favorites for many people, so consider going with a bouquet of traditional roses for a crowd pleaser every time.

Purples and blues are also great colors to shop for. These stunning color can be traditionally used to represent wisdom, integrity, peace, and dignity, but the gorgeous colors also help to brighten the mood.  Blue or purple lilies make for excellent choices for this color scheme, while flowers such as a blue iris make for excellent complementary colors within a bouquet.

Those who are interested in all of these different color ideas might even be able to give all of these messages to their grandparents with a bouquet that expertly blends the blues, pinks, oranges, and yellows. It will be the perfect centerpiece on any table.

Grandparent’s Day is the perfect time to let grandparents know just how much they are appreciated and loved. Any of the above arrangement ideas are sure to let the grandparents know how much they matter. Carefully select one that will fit with their personality and do not miss celebrating September 7!