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Flowers and Labor Day: All You Need To Know When Buying

Labor Day may not seem like a time to send flowers, but when you consider the purpose of the holiday, you realize that there is no better time to send a floral gift. Labor Day was designed to honor all of the hard workers in our country. Do you know someone you love who works hard for you every day? Why not honor them with flowers this Labor Day?

A Gift for Mom or Dad

No one works harder than a mom. If you are looking for a way to say “thanks” to your mom this Labor Day as you give her a chance to take a little break, you can’t go wrong with flowers.

violet flowersMoms typically appreciate a gift in a beautiful vase. Spring Up! comes in a lovely green glass vase and uses brilliantly colored summer blooms. If you want some purple in the mix, consider Vivacious Violet. The lovely purple vase will be a keepsake long after the brilliant summer bouquet has faded.

Now, who says flowers are just for ladies? Dads also work hard and deserve a break on Labor Day. Show your appreciation with flowers this year. If you want to honor dad with some flowers, the Quaint Quartet creates a more masculine display.

Hard-Working Co-Workers

Think about our workplace. Is there someone who deserves recognition for their hard work? Maybe it’s a high-achieving employee, or perhaps your faithful administrative assistant. Flowers can show that you appreciate the hard work this person puts in every day, even while they are enjoying a well-earned day off.

Don’t Forget the Hostess

Are you headed out to enjoy a Labor Day picnic? Your hostess deserves a gift. It’s a lot of work to prep for a big shindig. If you want to honor the party’s hostess, consider a floral gift. Consider some summer flowers for this gift. The Lovely Lattice or Box of Sunshine is ideal, as these use the season’s beautiful sunflowers in an artistic way. These can grace the table at your Labor Day picnic, and they are sure to please the recipient.

Labor Day Flowers for Everyone

Labor Day flowers are really for anyone. Whether you are looking to honor a parent, a sibling, a co-worker or just a friend, Labor Day gives you the chance to stop for a day, slow down and show someone that you love them.  Eastern Floral has beautiful summer flower arrangements that are perfect for this end-of-summer celebration. If you’re unsure about which arrangement would be a good fit for your intended recipient, give us a call. We’ll gladly walk you through the ordering process to ensure you get the prefect fit.