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Flowers and Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's DayThis year, Mother’s Day lands on May 10, 2015, so it’s time to start thinking about the flowers, card, and gifts you’ll get Mom this year. If you’re used to ordering flowers at the last minute, this year might be the perfect occasion to put some extra time into designing a fun Mother’s Day gift. Let your mom know she’s a special person in your life with something different and unexpected.

Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Your mom loves and worries about you every day, and she’s been the one to take care of you in good times and bad over the decades of your life. As you order a festive square of flowers in elegant shades of purple, you can also plan a variety of creative and imaginative activities to celebrate with Mom.

Mother's Day

Mother, Home, Heaven

For example, are there multiple generations in your family who live close enough for a visit? You might try to arrange a gathering with as many generations as possible at a fun Mother’s Day brunch. Invite all the mothers in the family and decorate with lovely vases of bright yellow, orange, and green summer flowers.

Mother's Day

A Mother’s Smile

If your family is often busy and you don’t get to see extended family often, Mother’s Day is the ultimate day for a celebration of all the mothers in your family who watched you grow up and start a family of your own.

If a big party isn’t in the cards this year, you can also surprise mom with a spa day. If it always seems like she’s rushing around without a moment to spare for herself, you can give her a spa day to relax. You don’t have to buy an expensive ticket to an actual spa, either. Helping around the house for a day is a great way to give Mom some time to relax.

Choosing Your Mother’s Day Flowers

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Mother’s Day flowers, and one of the best ways to celebrate is with your mom’s favorite flower. Does she have an affinity for delicate orchids? Perhaps she’s always been a fan of roses (who isn’t, right?). Maybe she’s always loved lilies. Surprise her with a gorgeous vase of bright star gazer lilies.

Mother's Day

For All You Do

Choosing a gift for your mom this Mother’s Day should be a fun and enjoyable event. The more fun and enthusiasm you have for choosing her gift, the more your love and appreciation will show when you surprise her with flowers.