Eastern Floral

Eastern Floral

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What Flowers To Buy For The First Day of Summer!

Summertime is easy living time and it begins on June 21 with the annual summer solstice. On this day in the northern hemisphere, extended daylight hours provide additional time for decorating and brightening your home with delightful summer blossoms.

When it comes to changing the decor for a new season, flowers and plants have always been an intricate part of influencing the landscape of your home, both indoors and outdoors.

There are numerous summer choices for sprucing up rooms, porches, and patios, adding color to highlight nooks and crannies, cleansing the air by removing toxins, and creating an overall “feel good” atmosphere.

Depending on your flower and plant preferences in terms of size and style, little to no fragrance, duration, and care requirements, you have a plethora of budding beauties to choose from at your disposal.

Types of Displays

When laying out a plan for updating your home with summer flowers, there are several basic designs to choose from such as:

  • Long stemmed flower arrangements
  • Tropical and exotic plants and flowers
  • Succulents
  • Basket, vase, metal, and ceramic container arrangements
  • Potted flowering and non flowering plants
  • Hanging plants
  • Container plants – indoors and outdoors
  • Windowsill gardening
  • Potted miniature flowers such as carnations and roses or create a small bonsai garden with an appropriate plant or flower

Using any, or all, of these types of styles and designs will turn your home into a beautiful summer respite of color.

If flowering plants fit into your summer decorating plan, choose from themed potted gardens, colorful azaleas, or elegant orchids. Succulents are easy to care for and remain a favorite for creative terrariums.

For anyone who enjoys flowers but has an allergic reaction to floral fragrances, green plants such as the Peace Lily – which has a beautiful bloom without any scent – pothos, zamioculcas, arboricola, and schefflera each add striking colors, depth and texture to a room’s decor.

Fresh cut flowers provide the option of changing flower type, style, and color frequently keeping the decorative look of your home as fresh as the flowers themselves. A long-standing favorite both casual and elegantly refined is the rose, available in an array of colors from deep red to pure white.

Spice up the decor with roses that make a statement such as the cheery Rosy Cheeks design with its bouquet of hot pink buds. The brilliant color adds a dash of splash that makes any room sizzle.