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Posted by Kiersten Schulte on July 15, 2015 Flowers Summer

Eastern Floral – The Science of Smiling

social-403420This month we celebrate “Make Someone Smile Week”. To observe this occasion, Eastern Floral would like to share some interesting facts about smiling. For instance, did you know that people with perfectly symmetrical smiles are considered more trustworthy, while those with crooked smiles are considered to have great leadership potential? We also know that women smile primarily to be friendly, and people consider those who smile to be more attractive.

Ever wonder if someone’s smile is authentic? A real smile produces a reaction of the facial muscles around the eyes, causing the skin to crinkle. As most people cannot move those muscles on command, you can be sure that if their eyes are smiling too, they are genuinely happy to see you. Another way to guarantee a real smile is to send a beautiful floral arrangement for Make Someone Smile Week. This July 19-25, grab your list of friends and family and spread the joy!

make someone smile

Color Me Happy

We have some great suggestions for you to brighten someone’s day. The Color Me Happy arrangement combines classic roses and mini hydrangea, specially designed to generate that grin; while Sunny Spirals utilizes yellow and orange hues known to inspire happiness.

make someone smile

Sunny Spirals

We’d like to share one final fact that may inspire you to send flowers to those you love. People who smile often tend to live longer – and not surprisingly, more happy – lives. So this month, Make Someone Smile by sending a vibrant arrangement from Eastern Floral. Stop into one of our four Grand Rapids area locations and let our florists help you choose the perfect flowers for those in your life.

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