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Eastern Floral – August Gladiolus

gladiolusWhen it comes to monthly birth flowers, August offers one of the most dramatically eye-catching- the gladiolus. The gladiolus’ name is gleaned from the definition of the Latin word gladius, which means sword and references Roman gladiators. It is so called because of the sharp, blade shaped leaves. Funnel shaped blooms with frilly edges grow along the length of a tubular stem, exhibiting a wide spectrum of colors. The hues can include yellow, pink, purple, orange, red and white – or a vibrant and unique pattern combining two colors.


The impressive gladiolus flower is known to symbolize various emotions and meanings. The most common interpretation of the gladiolus is connected to the heroic Roman gladiator. Because of this association, the flower is often sent to people who exhibit great integrity, moral character and bravery. But in a very different translation, the gladiolus’ sharp leaves were considered by Victorian era romantics to be capable of penetrating the heart of a loved one. So if someone close to you is the object of your affection, especially if their birthday is in August, the gladiolus is a perfect choice. The glad, as it is commonly known, is also the traditional floral gift for 40th anniversaries.


When grown outside, the gladiolus loves climbing fence posts; its stalks can grow from two to five feet. When cut, these long and elegant stems covered with colorful blossoms make a stunning backdrop for any floral arrangement. Add roses, snapdragons, lilies or hydrangea to create a floral bouquet worthy of the most beautiful garden. But whatever flower you choose for your August birthday honoree – the gladiolus or another bloom – Eastern Floral has four Grand Rapids area locations to assist in choosing the ideal birthday flower arrangement. Come by one of our floral shops or call us today 616-949-2200 for more inspiration in selecting a meaningful August birthday arrangement.