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Eastern Floral Asters

asterWith over 600 species, the aster family of star shaped flowering plants is one of the most diverse and colorful. The aster is appropriately considered the birth flower of September, as it most often blooms throughout the fall months. We can trace the history of the aster flower back thousands of years; it grows naturally as a wildflower on several continents and is widely cultivated in gardens across the United States.

Cut asters are traditionally used as fillers, and to create splashes of color in a floral arrangement. Sweetheart roses, lilies, hydrangea, snapdragons and delphinium are all common accompaniments to the star flower. However, because the aster has so many varieties of dramatic petals and ornate colors, including reds, purples and oranges; they can stand on their own as a complete bouquet.

Equally colorful is the aster’s history and the legends attached to this celestial flower. The aster has strong ties to the ancient Greeks, who used wreaths of asters to honor the altars of their gods. A prevalent Greek myth also seeks to explain the origin of the aster. Virgo, also known as Asteria, was the goddess of dreams and astrology. When she saw the immorality of mortal man, her tears fell as stardust and turned into asters when they hit the ground.

In addition to being the September birth flower, the striking aster is also the flower recommended for 20th anniversary bouquets. So whether you’re celebrating a friends birthday, or a loved one’s marriage, the aster is your go-to bloom. The aster may also be called a frost flower, star-flower, starwort or Michaelmas daisy. Speak to the expert florists at Eastern Floral about creative ways to incorporate these starry blooms into all your September bouquets.

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