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Eastern Floral

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Designing a Hanukkah Floral Centerpiece

Hanukkah Floral Centerpiece Design — Less is More

Creating an esthetically pleasing Hanukkah floral design is as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do. When composing a centerpiece, one common mistake with Hanukkah floral designs is thinking that extravagance is a necessary component of beauty. In fact, elegance is often found in simplicity and this design principal is particularly true when decorating for religious holidays.

3 Fundamentals of Composing a Hanukkah Floral Centerpiece

One or Two Colors Maximum – Decide on a single flower or two color floral combination. A single color centerpiece fits the holiday spirit of Hanukkah as well as two color centerpieces and far better than those with a variety of colors. Using more than two colors creates a visual muddle, a kaleidoscope effect, that is difficult to decorate around. The effect is the opposite of simplicity.

Choose Appropriate Colors – While blue and white are the traditional colors of Hanukkah, they don’t have any religious significance, nor are they mandatory. Hanukkah colors are not exclusively blue and white. That means you have the option of selecting almost any color(s) you like.

However, bold and bright colors that do not match the traditional colors are probably not appropriate. In addition, colors that may seem more appropriate for the religious holidays of other faiths are probably not appropriate either.

Use No More than Four Types of Flowers – While you are free to compose a centerpiece with a greater variety of flower types than flower colors, it would still behoove you to remain conservative with your choice of the amount of different types. Furthermore, when mixing your flower combinations, attempt to use flowers that are different sizes.

Using four flower types of similar size leads to the a visual muddle and the lack of distinction: the antithesis of what using more than two colors creates. Flower shapes are another means of making the individual flowers or your centerpiece stand alone.