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Consider Sending Flowers for Grandparents Day

grandparents dayThe Grandparent’s Day holiday was officially established by President Jimmy Carter back in 1979 and is celebrated the Sunday after Labor Day each year. This special holiday offers an ideal opportunity to show appreciation for our parents’ parents. There are few people who give more understanding, care and unconditional love than grandparents. How will you show your appreciation on Grandparent’s Day this year?

Celebrating Grandparents

While President Jimmy Carter established the holiday, it was actually inspired by Marian McQuade, a woman whose family was blessed with generations of grandchildren (as well as great-grandchildren.) Ms. McQuade felt that grandparents deserved a holiday to celebrate the blessings of being a grandparent, and the idea for Grandparent’s Day was born. It officially became a federal holiday in 1979.

Grandparent’s Day sets aside a time to show our elders just how much we appreciate their presence in our lives. Flowers are a symbol of love, care and appreciation. Giving flowers for Grandparent’s Day is a wonderful way to honor these important role moels. The following are some of the top flower gift ideas for Grandparent’s Day:

grandparents day

The Regal Rose

The rose is the quintessential symbol of love, and a rose bouquet can be a beautiful way to express appreciation for your grandparents. Beyond just classic red, roses come in a range of colors to appeal to any preference: orange, yellow, pink, white and even purple shades are available, as well as pastel shades of these colors.

Luxurious Lilies

Lilies signify hope and beauty, and they bring with them a fresh, positive energy. The gorgeous lily is available in variety of colors and styles, including exotic orange Asiatic lilies, white, trumpet-like calla lilies and the exotic pink and white stargazer lily.

Daisies, Asters and Sunflowers

Few flowers bring as cheerful an energy as daisies, asters and sunflowers. These radiant blooms feature different color petals surrounding a textured center. They are perfect for late summer and early autumn holidays like Grandparent’s Day. A mixed bouquet can bring a festive, colorful energy, and a bouquet that features sunflowers can be a particularly radiant choice.

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Eye-Catching Orchids

The tropical orchid flower offers a break from the expected and brings a special beauty all its own. There are many species of orchids, each with its own look and style. Phalaenopsis orchid features a sinewy stalk topped with flowers, while the dendrobium orchid has more abundant flowers.

Consider these Grandparent’s Day gift ideas this year, and contact Eastern Floral when you’re ready to place your order.