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Choosing the Perfect Red Decor for Your Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMWhile traditional weddings are nice, sometimes it can be far more impactful and memorable to break with tradition. Pastel colors are definitely fitting and expected in wedding decor; why not change things up and choose the color red as the theme for your wedding?

One of the most impactful ways to use red is as an accent color. While you certainly can outfit the bridesmaids in deep crimson dresses, you could also choose a lighter dress color while making red the primary accent color for what they’re wearing as well as around the church and reception hall. Wedding accents in red might include:

Ribbon. Red ribbons on dress fabric, the church pews, the altar, and in the reception hall can elegantly carry your red theme and decor throughout your wedding. Consider ribbons and bows in varying widths; wide ribbons can be particularly impactful. Ribbon accents on bridesmaid dresses can be the perfect counterpoint against a lighter color.

Candles. Deep red candles add both style and elegance to your service and reception. Consider decorating with a blend of both thick pillars as well as more slender taper candles to highlight your event in style.

DSC7887-121231122406Table settings. A deep red tablecloth looks stunning with pure white dinnerware on top of it. Play up your red wedding theme in your reception table settings. The stylish juxtaposition of white and red is an ideal way to make the most of this wedding color theme.

The wedding cake. Continue the theme in your wedding cake as well. Red velvet cake with white cream cheese frosting accented with red frosting flowers can be the perfect way to conclude your wedding meal.

Red-Themed Flowers

Of course, no wedding decor would be complete without flowers. Play up the red theme through your flower choices for bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and decor. Consider these artful ideas:

020-14010231759Red roses. The rose is the classic symbol of love and beauty and can be a perfect selection for your wedding day. Pair them with purple orchids for pink lilies for a truly stunning effect.

Tropical flowers. No matter what time of year, bright tropical blooms can add tremendous elegance to your wedding decor.

If you’re planning a January wedding, even better; red is the color of January. It’s also a color that symbolizes boldness, passion, and going for what you want in life. If this describes you as a couple, consider making red your wedding decor color. Let Eastern Floral help you plan the wedding of your dreams.