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Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

shutterstock_223853083No Thanksgiving table is complete without a beautiful centerpiece. Not only do centerpieces brighten up your home, but they are also a wonderful way to send warm holiday wishes to the people in your lives. Eastern Floral has many lovely traditional centerpieces as well as a selection of baskets and bouquets that you can use to create your own unique centerpiece!

Sending Holiday Sentiments

Thanksgiving is all about sharing the season’s bounty with family, friends and neighbors. To that end, we have two beautiful centerpieces that make great Thanksgiving gifts: a single-candle centerpiece, and a larger double-candle centerpiece. As we create these centerpieces, we will choose from the best of the season’s flowers to create a custom arrangement that is sure to delight!

Centerpieces for Your Feast

The beauty of centerpieces is that while they are most often used to make a Thanksgiving table more inviting, they can also be used in other areas throughout your home. Use a centerpiece on a hall table to welcome your guests, place them on your mantle to create a warm environment, or use them in any other area that needs a little more holiday cheer.

At Eastern Floral, there are limitless color and design choices so that you can find something that matches the rest of your decor. For instance, the “Gathering” centerpiece uses bright red gerberas, orange roses, gourds and other colorful accents to create a rich harvest-inspired look. The “Tuscan Autumn” centerpiece features more muted reds, bronzes and oranges that will help you create a timeless atmosphere at your holiday dinner. Another excellent option is the “Fall Wishes” centerpiece. With purple trachelium, yellow roses and orange lilies, this centerpiece offers you a more modern, upscale look.

Creative Centerpiece Ideaszoom_FallWishesEFFW14-14111213645

It never hurts to break with tradition just a little bit, especially if it means that you can create a fabulous display that will impress your guests. The “Plentiful Thanks” centerpiece is one such idea. Orange lilies and gerberas are set off by hypericum, croton leaves, lotus pods and more. Add a rustic look to your table with the “Giving Thanks” container. We fill a wooden box with interesting ornamentals like lotus pods, brown cymbidium orchids, sunflowers and cinnamon sticks.

Whether you’re looking for traditional centerpiece ideas or you’d like to try something new, Eastern Floral has many harvest-inspired arrangements for you to choose from. This Thanksgiving, spread holiday cheer by spicing up your home with our arrangements and sending warm holiday wishes to your friends and neighbors.