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How to Buy Homecoming Flowers

A special celebration in almost any town, homecoming marks a time of revelry, nostalgia, hometown pride, and team spirit. Whether your school celebrates for an entire spirit week or only on the night of the big game, there is sure to be a homecoming dance, and you will want to have the right flowers when you pick up your date. At Eastern Floral, we want your West Michigan homecoming to be perfect. So, we have a variety of homecoming flowers, arrangements, and designs to complement your date’s great looks and personality. With this how to guide, you will be sure to make his or her homecoming a night to remember.

Corsages: On homecoming or during any special occasion, a female date is presented with a corsage to wear throughout the evening. Corsages usually come in two varieties: those worn on the wrist and those pinned to a gown. Before you purchase a corsage for your date, you should ask her which design she prefers. Some girls like to have a corsage pinned to their dresses to free up room for a bracelet and others prefer to wear a corsage on the wrist so as not to damage their gown’s fabric. If you are not sure, a wrist corsage is usually the safest choice. Coordinating the corsage with your date’s outfit is also important. So, find out what color she plans to wear on the big night or if she has a preference for the color of her corsage. Do not worry about spoiling the surprise; your date will be expecting a corsage, and if it complements her outfit, she will love it even more. If you do not know what color your date plans to wear, our florists will help you select a neutrally colored corsage which will look nice no matter what color your date will be wearing.

Boutonnieres: On special occasions like homecoming, male dates receive boutonnieres to pin on the lapels of their jackets for the evening. Similar to corsages, boutonnieres are typically less-ornate, focusing on design and color rather than sparkle and frill. Sometimes dates choose to coordinate their outfits, and when this is the case, a boutonniere to complement the color scheme will work well. Otherwise, we offer a large selection of boutonnieres which will look nice with most standard suit and tuxedo colors. You are always welcome to ask your date if he has a preference when it comes to boutonnieres before ordering.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to buying homecoming flowers is to order early. Advanced ordering will ensure your date receives the flower you want for him or her.