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Posted by rvanderheide on November 4, 2014 | Last Updated: June 2, 2021 Uncategorized

Beautiful Sympathy Flowers for Veteran’s Day

thumbnailCelebrated on the eleventh of November each year, Veterans Day is set aside to honor, commemorate, and memorialize all veterans. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which is a day of remembrance, solely honoring departed veterans, Veterans Day also honors veterans who are still living. It is a day for our veterans to share their stories and for us to honor the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. Veterans Day, however, is also a time to remember and commemorate veterans who have died either during their service or later in life. Let our expert florists at Eastern Floral help you select the perfect sympathy flowers to send to the families of those veterans whom we have lost.

At Eastern Floral, we have a wide selection of sympathy flowers appropriate for Veterans Day. A color which traditionally symbolizes sympathy and remembrance, arrangements of white blooms are the most appropriate selection for Veterans Day sympathy flowers. Arrangements like our Peaceful Thoughts Fan BouquetIsle of White arrangement, Timeless EleganceSolemn Offering, or our Sincere Serenity bouquet brilliantly display a variety of white lilies, roses, carnations, and greenery, and, accompanied by a heartfelt sentiment, will convey your deepest feelings of condolence to the family of a fallen veteran. Also appropriate to send to the family of a veteran is an arrangement of red, white, and blue sympathy flowers such as our Final Tribute bouquet, a tasteful arrangement of patriotic blooms.

thumbnail-3In addition to sending tasteful floral arrangements, our florists often recommend sending a beautiful, living plant instead, as plants bring warmth to the home and stand as a long-lasting tribute to a loved one. Healthy white orchids or a hardy peace lily plant make perfect selections for a sympathy plant, conveying remembrance and blooming for years to come. Also good choices are out pathos floor plant, a schefflera arboricola, or a schefflera amate, all of which are beautiful, leafy green plants. In addition, we offer a variety of mixed garden planters, featuring colorful bloomstropical blooms, and mixed greenery available in a variety of tasteful planters.

No matter what sympathy arrangements or plants you select to send this Veterans Day, our florists at Eastern Floral will make sure they are arranged or planted with the utmost care, ensuring your recipients fully enjoy your gift sent with sympathy. Regardless of the occasion, always be sure to order your floral gifts in advance to make sure the blooms of your choice are readily available.