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August Is Romance Awareness Month

February isn’t the only month to celebrate romance! Eileen Bucheim, Celebrate Romance founder, created Romance Awareness Month back in the early 1990’s. This special month is a time to reconnect in your relationship and express your love and appreciation through quality time and small gestures.

How to Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Romance Awareness Month can be celebrated in many ways! Here are a few ideas: 

Make Dinner Together

Is there a meal that you and your partner have been dying to try? Find a fun recipe and spend quality time grocery shopping, cooking alongside each other and enjoying the results of your hard work. Plus, who doesn’t love a home cooked meal?

Write A Sweet Note

Writing a sweet love note and leave it somewhere for them to find! Sure, after years together it may feel silly to put this kind of effort into expressing something your partner already knows, but that moment when they read it will be so special.

Learn A Dance

There are so many new dances out there! Push aside the furniture in the living room, look up a how-to video on Youtube or TikTok and get your groove on. You don’t want to be the couple that falls behind!

Say “I Love You”

Even if your partner knows that you love them, nothing quite beats hearing those three special words. Start and end every day together with saying I Love You. This can go a long way and make them feel great knowing they’re loved.

Surprise Them With Flowers

A beautiful bouquet is the perfect expression of your appreciation and admiration! Find a bouquet that reminds you of them, or one that includes their favorite flower! 
We have a line of arrangements just for Romance Month here at Eastern Floral. Check them out below! 







More arrangements can be found here.

Happy Romance Month!