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A Quick Guide to Tulips

shutterstock_248293039If you were to think of the perfect flower for the symbol of spring, there’s a good chance you’d see a vase of tulips in your mind. No colors are off limits to the beautiful tulip, which means they’re a gorgeous addition to your springtime celebration.

Discover the Unique World of Tulip Bulbs

Tulips are a perennial, which means once you plant the bulbs in the ground they’ll give you flowers every year when the springtime rolls around. If you have a space in your yard for bulbs, you’ll want to plant them a few months before the first hard frost.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a little enjoyment indoors with your tulips, they’re also a perfect flower for a colorful ceramic garden. Your tulips will look delicate and lovely in a container with daffodils and hyacinths.

Tulips are also a beautiful flower when you want to give your significant other a bouquet for a special occasion or holiday. Maybe you want to surprise her with a vase out of the blue to show your affection. Choose pink tulips, roses, and lilies to symbolize romance and love.

Terrific Trio

Terrific Trio

Perhaps your mom has a spring birthday. Give her some happy orange tulips to help celebrate her special day. Or, give tulips to yourself. Imagine a bright and vibrant vase greeting you each time you arrive home. Virtually any occasion is a happier one when you include tulips.

Neat Facts About Tulips

Most of the tulips you see probably look relatively the same even if they’re different colors, but did you know there are actually more than 150 species of tulips around the world? That translates into more than 3,000 varieties.

The Europeans of the 1600s prized the tulip for its beauty and began cultivating the flower in large quantities as people began using them to decorate gardens. Today, tulip powerhouses like Holland export billions and billions of tulips each year to satisfy the world’s love of this perennial.

Tulips are an interesting flower in that they can’t be cultivated in a warm climate as they thrive with a freezing winter while the bulbs live under the ground, as well as the cool nights during the spring when their flowers begin to bloom.

If you’re looking for an “easy” flower for your special occasion, you can’t go wrong with tulips. Universally adored, tulips from Eastern Floral are the ideal symbol for spring and a true symbol of how even the coldest winters can’t stop these happy flowers from making an appearance.