Eastern Floral is excited to announce our new VIP Concierge Program!

In this busy time, we know that everyone has a lot on our plates, and sometimes it's easy to forget the important dates.

Eastern Floral invites you to join our Concierge Program and save all your special days on our calendar, so there's one less thing to take care of.

With the Concierge Program, you schedule it all in advance – at your own convenience. Simply give us the dates, names, and occasions for the people you love, and we’ll create a gorgeous bouquet for them that will make them glad you remembered!

You'll receive a reminder email prior to the delivery date, so that you can confirm your order or alter any information that needs adjusted. You'll also receive a year-to-date email that provides you with a summary of that year's orders and the opportunity to renew your membership, or change any of those dates.

The Concierge Program is customizable to you and your life. Whether you’re giving us one date or seventeen to remember, we can adjust to match your style, your taste, and your life.

Trust Eastern Floral with the moments that matter, and join our VIP Concierge Program.